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Scotchgard Protection

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Scotchgard Protection

At Carpet Cleaning Hamilton, we offer the best scotchgard protection in Hamilton ON and all the surrounding areas. Our professional cleaners are happy to provide you with amazing Scotchgard protection services that will definitely leave you satisfied.

How many times have you spilled something on your carpet or sofa, and damaged it for good? Some stains are removable but some are just hard to remove. We do provide stain removal services and often suggest customers take an extra layer of security for your carpet or upholstery. The difference between spotless upholstery and a stained one is Scotchgard protection.

What is Scotchgard Protection?

Scotchgard Protection is a protecting layer on your upholstery. It is a coating layer on each and every fiber with an invisible UV-resistant shield. It repels the oil and water-based stains. This is a very carefully done procedure and needs professional expertise and experience. Our expert team has mastered the art of Scotchgard protection over the years and has ensured high customer satisfaction.

It is important to understand that Scotchgard Protection is done only after a professional thorough cleaning. It cannot be applied without proper professional cleaning. You can check our professional cleaning service for more information on that.

How does it work?

This is very simple once done. If you accidentally spill something on your carpet which has Scotchgard Protection, the oil or water will not be soaked into the fiber. Instead, it will be accumulated on the surface. The beading of the liquid on the surface gives you ample time to wipe it. It does not cause any stain or spot on the surface. It also does hamper the fiber of the carpet or sofa or the upholstery.

It does not only work for the accidental stains but also on the dirt. So, if you put our Scotchgard Protection, the dirt does not penetrate into the fabrics. When you do your regular cleaning, most of the dirt that is accumulated on the surface actually gets sucked out of it. This is not only great for a cleaner carpet, or sofa, or upholstery but also great for your health. If the dirt does not settle in and gets cleaned regularly, it will not be trapped into your indoor air and you would breathe cleaner air.

So, if you want to make your upholstery stain-proof, then contact us for Scotchgard Protection.

Why choose Carpet Cleaning Hamilton?

We are a professional cleaning service company in Hamilton ON that focuses on customer needs and is driven by compassion and commitment. We are tech-savvy and ensure that the customer receives the best experience. Here is why we receive high customer satisfaction and some great testimonials from happy customers.

-     We do not standardize Scotchgard protection or any cleaning methods for that matter. We understand that every problem is unique and we offer the best possible solution for your problem.

-     We keep upgrading us technically and offer the best Scotchgard protection with the best equipment and latest available technology.

-     All our products used are safe for family, pets, fabric, and of course the environment. We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly cleaning professionals.

-     We offer a competitive price and at the same time provide the best services customers can expect.

-     We have dedicated customer support and you can reach out to us at any point in time.

If you are thinking about taking the right step towards Scotchgard Protection, then reach out to us for detailed information.

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